Species Shadowhunter,

High Fae, Illyrian, Roman Legacy

Family Unknown
Status Inactive
Quote "I read to escape the rules of this world, not to learn more about them."
Hobbies Reading,

Writing, YouTube-ing, DragonVale-ing

Tree Avery-Vivliofágos-Wilddliw ==

Her username being TreeStorm18, she is considered semi-known. Her MB birthday is August 29th, 2015, and currently a 3rd generation SAMBer. She is the head of the Avery family, and member of both the Vivliofágos and Wilddliw families. She was permabanned for an unknown reason, but is was active on her RubyFire227 account. Her mother was a Shadowhunter, and her father a High Fae of the Night Court.

Her last post was December 10th, 2016.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Standard Shadowhunter abilities (Nephilim physiology, Runic magic, the Sight, and use of Heavenly weapons)
  • Standard Faerie abilities (winnowing, increased speed, stamina, strength, and endurance, enhanced senses, immortality)
  • Standard Illyrian combat training
  • Shadow Devil Slayer magic
  • Ability Mimicry


  • Twin electrum daggers
  • A long, Illyrian blade/sword
  • Shadow bow

Gang MembersEdit

Canon Characters (CC)Edit

  • Jace Herondale, from TMI (Underlined blue)
  • Emma Carstairs, from TDA (Underlined gold)
  • Theresa "Tessa" Gray, from TID (Underlined gray)
  • Clarissa "Clary" Fairchild, from TMI (Underlined red)
  • Aelin Ashryver Galathynius, from ToG (Underlined Orange)
  • Cameron Cole, from Glass Sword (Underlined Royal Blue)
  • Feyre Cursebreaker, from ACOTAR (Navy Blue)
  • Gwyneth Montrose, from Ruby Red (Magenta)
  • Jhi, from SA (Sea green)

Original Characters (OC)Edit

  • Thaulia, Avian-American (Maroon)
  • Raycelle, Daughter of Athena (Gray)
  • Echo, Erudite (Blue)
  • Evva, Enchanter (Teal)
  • Soranna Aspenheart (deceased), Shadowhunter (Italicised black)
  • Tessa Samos, Magnetron (Gold)
  • Onyx, Slytherin witch (Lime)
  • Rynne, Bronze Year Mage (Plum)
  • Macy, HG victor (Red)
  • Xanthos, Shade student (Purple)
  • Liam, Atlas student (Aqua)
  • Vianne, Shade student (Orange)
  • Ryzan, Haven student (Royal Blue)