The Keeper is an important part of the SAMB and the game and is the character you create and play. Thus, each user's Keeper is slightly different. In the game, it is said that your character is the Keeper, although technically everyone with a character is the Keeper. In the game you are also referred to as the Keeper instead of the name you chose, due to the fact that recording dialogue for all possible name combinations would be far too time-consuming. Before the final boss-fight, you (the Keeper) are referred to as the Keeper, Champion of Ninani.

On the Forums Edit

Several skits, including many of Lion's and Rosebud's skits, involve the Keeper. The Keeper is also a character in Azoth's uncontinued skit, Once Upon a Coffee Bean, and explained as a human who merged with a TARDIS. The theories are all over the place as to whom the Keeper is. In skits the Keeper is usually nameless and often jokes about how he/she has no name. Many SAMBers also ship Keepeith, or the Keeper and Keith, who is a Mod and character from the game. Another Keeper ship Korthy, which joins the character Worthy and the Keeper. (I ship it)

Appearance Edit

In the game, the Keeper's appearance is the appearance of the person playing's character. This creates a nearly endless variety of options, so the Keeper does not have one set appearance.

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