"We've faced death more than twice and battled raging gods." -part of Sonic's unofficial theme song

The Immortal Children are one of the SAMB families. The four members are very close and good friends. They play, care for, and comfort with each other.

History Edit

Originally, the Immortal Children had two members, who were called Endersisters rather than Immortal Children. It's original members were Alexi and Kraken. Eventually, Alexi became Sonic Hero and Loki's Timesister. When all four grew much closer, they became half-siblings, still Alexi and Kraken - now known as Fey and Valkyrie - Endersisters and Fey, Loki, and Sonic as Timesiblings.

Recently, Fey - who just regenerated - coined the term "Immortal Children" and the name stuck. Sonic wrote the lyrics to an unofficial theme song

Members Edit

Loki Edit

Loki is the oldest and tied with Lenera to be most mature, though of course he will still go crazy. He was one of the Timesiblings. He's an almost pure-blooded human but has a bit of Time Lord blood.

Lenera Edit

Lenera is the second oldest, and pretty much keeps the family together. Family is extremely important to her. Her parents couldn't keep her and her younger sister Val, so they sent their friend to give them to two different places. Their memories were wiped. After all, you can't miss a home you can't remember. After a long time, Lenera got her memories back. She found Val on Earth and brought her to the SAMB. She's very protective and loyal to her family members. She is nicknamed "Lee Lee" by Val. Her family calls her Fey most of the time.

Sonic Edit

Sonic is the second youngest. He is half-Gallifreyian (timelord) and half-Gamia, a species of aliens.He is sometimes called Nic or Nicky by his sisters. He is the Royal Advisor to the prince of the Gamias. For some reason, he's shipped with his younger sister,Valkyrie.

Valkyrie Edit

Val is the youngest, and the founder of the family. She's half goddess, half Timelord, like Lenera. She sometimes calls her siblings "big brother" and "big sister," respectively. She has no memory of her parents, unlike Fey. She lived on Earth for as long as she can remember, and was very excited to explore SAMB City and the rest of Scholastica. She loves her siblings very much.