Sunshine is a member of the SAMB, and became active in February 2016. Her main account is rabbitpaw36, but she has others. She also goes by other names, but she prefers Sunshine.

All About SunshineEdit

This section is about her appearance, personality, and whatnot on the SAMB.


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This is kinda what Sunshine looks like. Not her art, made with an oc generator thingy. Yes I know the wings are anatomically correct but I couldn't get that with the generator.

Sunshine is a sweet, easily angered, but fun young girl. She is an oldie to the SAMB, as she had her official first post in January of 2015, but she became active in February of 2016. She LOVES rabbits. She now considers herself popular.

MB AppearanceEdit

Sunshine describes herself as a tall, skinny girl, with long strawberry blonde hair.

Gangs and FamilyEdit


Sunshine has a very large gang. Her most active members are Aquamarine, Pearl, Lily, Jack, Benjamin, Roger, Peter, Serena, April, Lexi, Stella, and Luna.

Flipsides and Enemies Edit

Sunshine has a few flipsides and enemies.

Obsidian Edit

Obsidian is Sunshine's ex-shipmate. They were together for almost two SAMB years, getting shipped in April 2016. Obsidian broke up with Sunshine in January 2018. They were also together some before Sunshine was a SAMBer (although he is still an OC)

Kyle Edit

Kyle used to be Sunshine's best friend. They had a falling out, and Kyle now hates her, but Sunshine is constantly trying to be friends again.

Grella Edit

Grella is a flipside of Sunshine. Grella is more on the good side of the spectrum, being a bit of a prankster but not really ever doing anything bad. Kyle attempted to make her evil, but was unsuccessful.

Rocky Edit

Rocky is Sunshine's genderbend. He is not used very often.


She is a member of a family, the Wilddliws. She also is in the Worlders and the Rainbows. She is also one of the triplets of Callie and Asriel, two other SAMBers. She is also the sister of Ruby, Blaise, Kirra, and Kya.


  • Warriors
  • Girl Meets World
  • Spirit Animals
  • Dragons in Our Midst
  • Kingdom Keepers
  • Percy Jackson
  • Land of Stories
  • Other stuff.


Feel free to add any!!!

  • Of course unicorns count! Unicorns are awesome.
  • I live for rabbits and tennis.
  • Flowers are like people. When you find one, your bound to find another.


  • She summoned a spirit animal Daisy the rabbit.
  • Her favorite things are probably God, tennis, and rabbits.
  • She created the Wilddliws, a family.
  • When Daisy is in passive form she is on her other wrist.