Shipping is something which is done on most MBs, which consists jamming two things together into a relationship. MBers will create a ship name after the pair has been decided, which is made by combining the names of the two entities you would like to see in a relationship. For example, Midity = Midnight x Verity). Ships made on the MBs fall into the following categories:

  • MBer x MBer
  • MBer x Gang Member
  • MBer x Fictional Character (the character is usually included in that MBer's gang)
  • Gang member x Gang Member (though this does not necessarily count, as it does not include an MBer)
  • Fictional Character x another Fictional Character
  • MBer x Nutella (m)/Nutilla (f), who are non-entities used as a placeholder for an actual person to ship with the MBer
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