Saber Qahill, normally known only as Saber, was an active memebr of IR and The 39 Clues and an ocasional poster in SA. His username is Raccoonwave4

Infinity Ring Edit

He is one fo the "Founding Fathers" of Infinity Ring and a first generation. Since the begining of IR, he got the position of leader of the SQ and remained on it until the mixing of the councils. His first strong friendship happened with ELC or Chai, but is also friends with many memebrs and veterans from Infinity Ring, like Hazel and Billy. He has been a defendant and loyal member of IR and hasn't officially quit IR. The Second of installment of his stories (The Rise of the SQ) is located in Infinity Ring

Spirit Animals Edit

At first, Saber remained an innactive Conqueror. However, he decided to convert into a greencloak. He attempted to house the second Elections, but it led to conflict. Lotus had never resigned (she had the position of president) and so was angry at him. Saber also cheated (no rule specified, actually) by asking people from other forums to vote for him, leading to the Second IR-SA war.

Trivia Edit

  • Saber has a younger sister