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Roman Kabra was an SAMBer on the Spirit Animal Forums. His name comes from Roman 'of Rome' and Kabra, a 39 Clues antagonist. He left in September 2015. He was also on Tombquest and Wings of Fire and was well-known on The 39 Clues. Roman's first post was on August 7, 2014.

Roman is also shipped with Nightblaze in the ship Romanblaze. Surprisingly, neither object to being shipped. Romanblaze died with him.

Recently, Roman logged on to someone else's Tombquest acount, causing him to get banned for twenty years. Thus became the hashtag and protest/movement, "#UnbanRoman2k15".

Achievements Edit

Lord Roman Kabra was a Master Tombkeeper, and is still raiding tombs. He has constructed an almost unbeatable tomb, but he beat it once. His tombkeeper name is Ma'at Cleverfoot. He is willing to raid you, all you need to do is ask. - Roman, in third person 

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