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Nox is an SAMB'er with the username LightEagle100. He is part of the clan Doom Lords. Nox's first post was on May 31, 2014, and his most recent post was on September 17, 2015. Nox is also on Quotev. He also has a sister who is a SAMBer with the nickname of Sol, DarkEagle100. He shows a strong desire to not become a, "crazy (ctazy) cat person," nor to become enveloped in Neko Atsume. He however does seem to enjoy Town of Salem. Also, he is an quiet but cool person and is funny-in-his-own-way.

Ships Edit

Nox is also shipped with Ivory in the ship Noxory. They're totally in lurve

Quotes: Edit



"I know what piece of furniture I want to be. A desk-bed thingy!"


Furniture Edit

He is currently a desk-bed thing.