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Moon or Sakura, also known as DolphinMoon23, is a kinda well-known and awesome member of the SAMB. She is a member of The Yzarcs, where she is twins with Ivory. =D However, she doesn't care much for families as she believes the MB is one whole family. Her clan is Nature Clan, of which she is the leader, but she also didn't find much value in clans in the first place. Moon's first post was on December 18, 2013. She doesn't post much nowadays and mostly gets on for RPs (mostly her own). She is currently more active on Quotev (main one), Deviantart, and Youtube. And she is great at making speeches too!! She also loves Neko Atsume, sometimes being referred to by Peg as a "crazy cat lady," shipping her friends together(not all the time) and adding embarrassing quotes to her friends' pages.

She's very friendly (most of the time) and always willing to help. Also, she's a great peacemaker and knows the right things to say to help dissipate a possible disagreement. She's always calm and always there.

Nicknames Edit

Moon is referred as Moonie by her close friends. Peg called her "MOOM" by autocorrect. Cen called her "Man" by mistake too. She made up the full name "Moonie Loony" for herself.

She sometimes calls:

Ivory: Ivies/Ives

Edge: Edgie/ The Mushroom Leader

Cen: Can (in response to "Man")

Azure: Grandma (because she's one of the oldest here)

Peg: Peggy/ Child Peg (when Peg goes into those moments. More explained at Peg's wiki)

Wolfie: Snorfie (Wolfie + Snorlax)

Billy: Billeh

Ebony: Ebs/Ebbies/Ebby

Celest: Celtie

Hobbies Edit

~ Drawing

~ Reading

~ Writing

~ Being crazy and lazy.

~ Listening to music

~ Being a tortoise.

Quotes Edit



"*death hugs*"



"*roll away*/*hides under a rock*"


"I can feel it in both ships! The potential! The love energy coursing through it and intertwining both shipped people together!"

"Stop bean a potato. POHTATOOOOO"

"Welcome, fellow human bean."