Herobrine is a Minecraft creepypasta.

He is neither an OC nor created by the SAMB. 


Whenever Herobrine comes up, it's never good. He is infamous for kidnapping SAMBers and plotting to destroy the SAMB. He has kidnapped many SAMBers, including ColeLion, and Sky. He appeared on Pegasus's post about her return from the 'dead' after her gang member "killed" her in cold blood. It was shown in that post he'd given her a strange knife and seemingly gave his daughter the Wither Effect. He then came back later to fight Blaise and summoned a Wither Storm from Minecraft: Story Mode to fight his child. He then vanished.

SAMBer ConnectionsEdit

He is the SAMBer Pegasus's father, and Cole's step-father. He vanished a long time ago and hasn't been seen since, which was convenient for the plot. *CinemaSins ding*


Herobrine has so many powers, it's impossible to count. He is also immortal and cannot be "killed", which is something Ruby doesn't seem to know, same with his daughter who does not want him "dead" but still hates his guts.

Evil ActsEdit

Herobrine "killed" Pegasus twice, tried to "kill" multiple SAMBers, take over the SAMB, "exploded" Cole's foot, nearly "killed" lots of gang members, teamed up with Shadow Lord, and even tried to denounce his epic nickname: Herojerk.