Hazel was an MBer from the T39C (The 39 Clues) and IR (Infinity Ring), but she occasionally posted on SA (Spirit Animals). She is now permanently banned due to the Samurai Incident and the Randomness War. For unknown reasons, everyone else who participated in both conflicts were not banned, not even the main perpetrators. Her username is EpicPegasus39, but she also has a double by the name of EpicWitch17, which she still uses to play TombQuest.

Hazel is also in the category of "Super MBer", having been around for many years, posting on multiple forums, and collecting over 13,000 stars, which she deserves, as she is an amazing person.

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Ships Edit

She is shipped mostly with Jonathan, creating the ship Jazel (created by Jonathan's friend, Vanessa), which both she and Jonathan detest, so it isn't actually shipped much. Hazel is also shipped with Saber, creating Sazel, but it is less well-known. (Sazel is loved more, though, because that means that Jelanie can happen.)