A term created by the "Queen of Fluffeh," Rabit (HeroineRabbit4), this a classic trademark of the SAMB and possibly the most famous user-made term to ever exist on an MB. Embodying everything awesome, amazing, incredible, wonderful, random, spontaneous, insane, hyper, unique, creative, extraordinary, brilliant and (of course) fluffy, it is our pride and joy as SAMBers.

We will get very annoyed if you spell it "fluffy."

Rabit once created a Fluffeh Academy thread where you could learn to become a Fluffeh Master. A Fluffeh Master is someone who knows all about fluffeh. Three SAMBers managed to accomplish this before the thread died. Pegasus, Arrow, and another unknown member.

Oftentimes SAMBers will use the term in the real world, unaware no one else knows of the definition.

Fluffeh Used In a Sentence Edit

Look at that fluffeh rabbit!

I got 100% on my test! :D That's so fluffeh/I feel so fluffeh!


Though things may not seem very fluffeh right now, I promise it will get better.

You're so crazy and fluffeh!

I'm proud to be a SAMBer! We're so fluffeh!

Wow! This fanfic is so fluffeh!


It's spelled fluffeh not fluffy!