Circe in Demon Form
Circe in Demon Form
Species Demon
Family Sways, Istarliunsvells, and Blooms
Status Semi-active
Quote "Be a sadist. No matter how sweet and innocent your leading characters, make awful things happen to them - in order that the reader may see what they are made of." -Kurt Vonnegut
Hobbies Torturing innocent people, watching anime, reading novels and manga, running.

Circe Edit

Circe Athena Sway-Istarliunsvell-Bloom is a member of the SAMB with the username of eaglewind39.

All About Circe Edit

Circe is an INTJ, Scorpio, Ravenclaw/Slytherin, and a daughter of Poseidon. Some of her siblings are: Lion, Cole, Wolf, Blaise, Harbor, and River (on the Poseidon side), and Livvy and Reverie (on the Sway side). There are many more, though. Her titles are: Queen of Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus, Queen of Myths, Queen of Shape-Shifters, Queen of Dark Fairies, Queen of Phoenixes, Princess of Hashtags, Princess of Evil Plots, and Guard of Sweet Treats.

Personality Edit

Circe can be very impassive and even sadistic, but when with friends, she brightens up immediately. She's quite a know-it-all, and corrects people even if they don't want it. (Which, to be honest, is most of the time.) She's the type who can either laugh and play all day or sulk in her room.

One thing that always cheers her up, however, are her fandoms. Although Circe has too many to name, some of the key ones are Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and Fairy Tail. She has two personalities with them. The first is when she wants to share them with everyone, because the whole world deserves to know about ________. The second is when she wants almost no one to know about them, because they're hers alone. She's very possessive of all of her fandoms and gang members.

TBC... Edit

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