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About Edit

Cheese, or CheeseburgerCloud35, was an MBer on the SAMB. He was known for his wit and his hilarious remarks, and he was most well-known around the time that Blizz, Peg, Arrow, Celest, Ivory, Lotus, and others were well-known as well. He went from the SAMB to Quotev and hadn't been seen on either in quite some time, until he returned in June 2016 for a Charrow wedding sometime in August.

First post: July 17, 2014

Ships Edit

Cheese is shipped with Arrow, creating the ship Charrow. They have a child, who is also named Charrow. Charrow is still with his babysitter, Ivory, after a year of neglectatation. DX Poor Charrow. Most (if not all) of the MB supports this ship. The wedding, althought planned ou the summer of 2015, will finally happen during August, 2016. However, Arrow said that the ship was over, and more recently, has left