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Blaise, whose username is shywolf401, loves to make people smile and laugh. She has joined a couple RPs (Role Plays), including Spirits of the Forest, a warrior cat RP by Cassy. She has gotten into a couple more fandoms, including Warrior Cats, Percy Jackson Olympians, Wings of Fire, and Lab Rats. She is also currently infected with the Wyrm, but is believed to be cleansed when a cure is found.

Families Blaise has joined: Edit

She has joined a lot. She means a lot. Bear with her, she will tell you them all. Okay so:: Istarliunsvell-Bloom-Kaibigan-Lunice-Saryn-Solanajumelle-Takamoto-Hopewell:: And she is pretty sure she's going to join more. :)

Her "Thing": Edit

People in WOF and SAMB have started using their own words, which she calls "Things". For example, someone from Wings Of Fire says "Slush". Blaise has decided to use "Lick" as her thing.

Queen/Princess/Leader of: Edit

Princess of Crazy, Queen of Eridell, Queen of Glitter and Wolpertingers, Princess of Star Wars, Princess of Wolves, and Leader of the Great Cloaks.

Blaise is in a wolf pack? Whaaaaat?: Edit

Indeed. Lupa, creator of the wolf pack, decided that she loves wolves so much, she wanted to create a wolf pack. These are SAMBers who love wolves, and act like they are one. Their bonds with each other connect, and they become the best of friends. This does sound like a good idea, but after a couple others copied Lupa's idea, she became a bit frustrated by this. "They just stole my idea without asking!" she said. Lupa requests that those who would want to make a wolf pack ask her first, since she started with the idea. 

Other Fandoms: Edit

Blaise also likes Divergent, PJO, Warriors, (most mentioned above) Wings of Fire, Lab Rats, Star Wars, and Spirit Animals, just to name a few.

Blaise loves to do sports.: Edit

She loves gymnastics, volleyball, soccer, basketball, swimming, bowling, dodgeball, cheer, jazz (that isn't a sport, it's music), ballet, and just running around with her friends.

Blaise is shipped?? Edit

Yeah. Blaise is shipped with Fog, another fellow SAMBer. They combined their names, to make Faise. Fog+Blaise. <3

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