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Billy, also known as CleverDragon76 / ClassifiedDragon108, was a veteran IRMB'er who had also ventured upon several other MBs, included but not limited to T39CMB and the SAMB. He is also on Quotev, and is also known as Billeh to a few of his friends and maybe shipmate where he can be found.

His first posts on the IRMB, SAMB and T39CMB are, respectively, August 21, 2013, November 20, 2013 and February 17, 2013.

Billy has one brother, MidnightBloodhound11, who rarely posts on the MBs and is not on Quotev.

Due to his veteran status and widespread help, as well as being on the MBs for a very long time, Billy has received the status of "Super MBer".

Quotes Edit

"You're making my eye twitch"

"Bonan Nokton"

"She's breeding two languages that are cousin languages. It's practically incest."

Shipping Edit

He is currently shipped with his beloved Wolfie, their -cute- ship, Wolfilly.