Angelwings643 (better known as Auria) is a SAMBer who joined March 26, 2016 under that username. She is not new however, as her signature states, but she is using that account to write.

Auria focuses on mainly writing poems, reading and writing stories. Most of them are about how she feels. She mostly writes fantasy. She also would like to talk about the things she wants to change on the SAMB but is doing it on a second account, so that nobody hates her forever for it.

Auria's OCs:

Auria has 3 OCs at the moment; Silk, Star and Miko.                                                             -Silk (Female) has black, silver and blue hair, with green eyes that have hints of gold and silver in them.                                                                                                                      -Star (Female) has long, bleach-blonde hair and gray eyes.                                                 -Miko (Male) has short dark brown/ black hair and Blue eyes.

Various Facts about Auria:

-She is an official GreatCloak, having newly summoned Briggan the Wolf.                       -She has written 6 poems in total and hopes to at least triple that number.                      -She has also written 2 stories, that aren't even finished   -She tries to remain calm and collected, at least on her account, but let's face it; That's impossible.                                                                                                                                  -She feels ignored and left out, but enjoys the feeling for some strange reason. Huh...   -She hasn't described what she looks like on the SAMB yet.                                               -She founded the forum family "The Ignorés"                                                                         -She holds the title "Queen of Poems" 

You may try to guess who she is, but she will most likely answer 'No' to all your guesses.